Detox Diet: The secret to a balanced lifestyle

Detox, short for detoxification, is the natural, continuous neutralisation or expulsion mechanism of toxins from the body by the body. Chemically, toxins are changed into less toxic substances and expelled by stools or urine out of the bloodstream. Detox diet is the practise of taking certain foods and liquids with the overall aim of getting rid of body toxins for best health.

It is a diet, in short, that detoxifies the body. Detox diets can differ in the types and substances that need to be ingested. In most cases, the variety of food is rather strict. Some on the other hand, are more lenient, but to help with detoxification, certain medications are administered.

Detoxification, if performed correctly and under expert advice, is beneficial for the body. It is widely advised that a person who wants to follow a detox diet should contact a doctor or dietician first. This is because if not correctly performed, detoxification can be detrimental to the body.

If a person is detoxified, the urine or stools expel the contaminants from the body. Blood circulation gets stronger as there are less contaminants in the bloodstream, respiration is stroger, stamina is increased, depression is minimised, and the person himself will feel better. The most important reason people go on a detox diet, though, is that it is the easiest and best way to lose weight.

Just fruits, vegetables, and water are part of most detox diets. Since this form of diet is very strict, there are major no-s

nos for meat, dairy, alcohol, and bread. This makes it easier to absorb less calories and nutrients from the body. Detoxification also creates the benefit of reducing toxic compounds such as fat and cholesterol in the body.

Because a deox diet is very strict, however it is strongly recommended that it be used only for a limited period of time. Detox diets are only short-term on a daily basis and it is not recommended that this form of diet be performed for a lengthy period of time and it may be a source of malnutrition.Typically, a detox diet is poor in protein and carbohydrates. Without these the development of muscles and energy is quickly limited.

Therefore, detox diets must be used only on a short-term basis. Many individuals mention getting ‘more stamina and losing weight fast’ after adopting a detox diet, and because the diet is so stringent, it is not shocking that you would have lost a few pounds.

Detoxing is not a cure for weight loss, though. You will not hear more about simple weight loss techniques, such as portion control or a balanced meal schedule, during the detox diet. As a result, when they avoid dieting and return to their old eating habits, most people gain weight again and feel almost as lazy as normal. The real reason that detox diets succeed in the short term is that individuals make a special commitment over a few days to improve their eating patterns.

It is fair to assume that you would lose weight if you substitute chips and fizzy drinks for fruit and water. Also if you don’t eat tonnes of high fat foods that slow down your body when it begins to absorb them, you’re going to have more stamina.


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